The Butkowski Family

Dan and Nancy serving with FamilyLife


I work in the Marketing area of FamilyLife.  This means I work with a talented team of people who develop or manage the media needed for the ministry.  From the Weekend to Remember conference materials, Publishing resources, to materials for our radio program, "FamilyLife Today" , Global Outreach, Hope for Orphans, HomeBuilders, and  In everything we do, we strive to share practical, Biblical principles for improving your relationship with God, your mate, and your children.






My Mission Statement

Use my books, seminars, retreats, events, and mentoring, to coach mothers how to support, guide, and train their daughters to develop a heart for God and equip them to live for His glory. 



Working closely with teenagers, I have come to understand that much of life catches them by surprise especially as they enter the teenage years, which is why I co-authored a book entitled, “My Heart Belongs to Him”.  Raising our daughters, I have experienced first hand the many challenges facing mothers and daughters in our culture today, and now I minister alongside our daughters, sharing some of the lessons we have learned, through writing books, developing mother/daughter events and retreats, mentoring women in our church, and speaking on family related topics.

Areas of ministry: