The Butkowski Family

Dan and Nancy serving with FamilyLife

Keeping You Informed

How will we keep you informed on what is happening in our ministry?

Nancy and I consider our ministry partners a part of our family and we want you to feel like this ministry is your ministry.  We will help you in this by praying for you and by sending you a monthly newsletter to let you know how we are doing and what your investments are accomplishing. 

“Whatever else may be said about the home, it is the bottom line of life, anvil upon which attitudes and convictions are hammered out.  It is the place where life’s bills come due, the single most influential force in our earthly existence.  No price tag can adequately reflect its value.  No gauge can measure its influence…for good or ill.  It is at home, among family members, that we come to terms which circumstances.  It is here “life makes up its mind.” …………………Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll succinctly describes the importance of the family in the lives of every person.  It only takes a brief look in the mirror or at those around us to see the need for a ministry to families.  If your heart is like ours, yearning for couples and kids to know the love of Jesus Christ in their homes, Nancy and I would like to ask you to consider joining our team to minister to families across America and the world.